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Why Resume Submission Follow-Ups Are Smart Actions

Career Falcon 7 July, 2022

You've probably heard about how immensely beneficial it is to send interview follow-up messages, but perhaps you haven't heard of application follow-ups. They're similar to interview follow-ups, except you send them 24 to 48 hours after you submit your resume if you don't hear anything from the potential employers. Some job-hunting sites encourage it, and here's why:

It bumps you to the top of the thought list

Employers sometimes have hundreds of applications flooding in for a certain position, and your resume might be number 399 out of 400. You immediately put your name on the prospective employer's mind when you reach out with a soft message about your resume.

The person who receives it might just search for your documents and read them. You could end up skipping the fishing process and getting invited to an interview if the person finds your resume impressive. This is a great improvement over what might happen if you leave it to chance. Sometimes, you have to take the first step to get the ball rolling, or your opportunity will pass you by.

It shows you're eager to get the position

Everyone wants a job. Employers know that, which is why you may have to show a little extra initiative in your job hunt. Sending a little message about your resume shows that you are not just interested in the job but also willing to go out of the ordinary to get in touch with the company.

If you're outgoing enough to do that, you might also be outgoing enough to sell or market their products. That employer might take a chance on you because of the drive you have to succeed.

It's a step above what everyone else does

Not everyone is willing to reach out like that. Some people fear that they'll get rejected faster, and some just can't be bothered putting in a little extra effort. Use it as your advantage and reach for the stars.

The worst that can happen is you won't receive a response. However, you can surely increase your odds of getting an interview if you try.