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Why It's Important to Make Friends With Co-Workers

Career Falcon 29 June, 2020

If you think that making friends in the workplace isn’t important, then you should reconsider. Making friends in the workplace isn’t just about being friendly and enjoying good rapport with your co-workers. It's also about many other things there are important for your ongoing career. The following are just a few of the reasons why it's important to make friends with your co-workers.

Working on Teams

Most workplace managers organize teams to complete certain goals. Being able to work effectively on a team is one of the qualities that managers value most. If you’re harboring hostile feelings for your coworkers, being assigned to a team will be excruciating. But if you’re friends with your co-workers, then working toward a common goal in a team setting will come easily and naturally. This ease will likely culminate in your team meeting the goal by the deadline.

Getting Through Rough Patches

No matter how much you love your job, there will come times when you’ll find it hard to find the motivation to drag yourself into work. These are times of burnout or simple boredom, but they don’t necessarily mean you should quit your job; you may just need to change things up a bit. If you’re friends with your co-workers, they can be your daily motivation to show up at work. Studies show that social justice can be a powerful motivator. Even if you don’t feel “judged,” per se, it’s easier to find reasons to keep showing up at work when you know your friends are going to notice any absences. Friends can make work a lot more enjoyable, even if the work itself isn’t thrilling to you.

Career Support

If you’ve been put in charge of any kind of project in the workplace, it will be a lot easier to get the support of your co-workers if they’re your friends. And, if you succeed at the task—even if it’s just arranging a company outing or a birthday party—your boss will be favorably impressed with your leadership skills. Friendly co-workers can support your career goals by simply being willing to help you achieve your work goals!