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What is Rapport and Why Should You Care?

Career Falcon 30 September, 2020

Many of the job skills that will have a huge impact on your job success are rarely taught in school or in college. These are the types of skills that have more to do with how you interact with other people. These involve your communication skills and the ability to build rapport with others. Keep reading to learn more about rapport and why you should care about it.

What is Rapport?

Rapport is the ability to communicate with others in a way in which makes them feel comfortable and willing to trust you. Rapport, for many people, comes very naturally. Have you ever heard someone being referred to as a people person? This means that they are able to relate to other people very easily and make others feel comfortable. Even if this does not come naturally for you, it is a skill that can be learned.

Why Is Rapport Important?

Rapport is important in the job place because it helps others be more receptive to your ideas and your leadership. Even if you are not in a place of authority at work, building a rapport with others will help to make teamwork more possible. If others are constantly getting a sense from you that you want everything done your way, and you have no time for other people's ideas, then you will struggle with your own productivity and the team itself will struggle as well.

Rapport is also important when it comes to job interviews if you are seeking a job. Being able to quickly establish rapport with the interviewer will give them a sense that you are confident of your abilities and skills which you are bringing to their company. Being shy or timid does not benefit you when you are job seeking. Rapport sends off a message that you are confident, you know what you are doing and you are willing to work as a team to get things done.

There are online courses and classes as well as YouTube videos which can help you better understand rapport and help you work on rapport skill-building.