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Ways You Can Ultimately Land Your Dream Job

Career Falcon 25 October, 2018

Are you exhausted of sending out your resumes to various hiring companies and getting no responses? Or going for interviews and not getting hired? Here are three strategies that might help you outdo other job applicants.


This might not sound as the top secret that could make you appear among the top of the applicant list but it is a vital quality during job application. Surprisingly, employers always notice lies in people’s resumes. Many people in search of jobs, have a habit of mixing lies in their resumes so that they may get hired. People do not know, that a single lie can make you get disqualified or rejected since many employers are in search of honest applicants. So be honest. If you feel like going against this advice, remember that with the new technologies a background check can always be done to reveal your true identity.

Tidy up Your Social Media Profiles

Nowadays recruiters not only look at people’s LinkedIn profiles while hiring new applicants. Others check up their applicants on Twitter and Facebook. While looking for jobs, it is advisable not to think of your online profiles as social sites but as online platforms of your personal brand. Ensure your online platform has meaningful information that your recruiter could be searching for. Ensure there are no traces of offensive comments, drug abuse posts, or racy photographs.

Put More Emphasis on Your Strengths and Accomplishments

Many applicants happen to make the mistake of using their resumes to list the job responsibilities. In other terms, they build their resumes based on the job descriptions. One’s job resumes should not appear as job descriptions. What it should entail is a detailed description of what you accomplished while working in a job. List the accomplishments you brought to your last job. This will make your resume pop and make a hiring employer get a sense of what you will bring to the new job.