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Volunteer for Career Change Ideas

Career Falcon 28 August, 2019

The workplace has gone through many drastic changes since the new millennium. It wasn’t long ago that a person could start an entry-level job and move up the ladder, within that company through various advancement and training opportunities, and later retire from the company at which they started. Outsourcing, downsizing and educational requirements trumping experience have made that path a memory. Many people have been made stagnant in their jobs, due to this, and have no idea where to begin to look for something else.

Community Service = Experience

Not just for reducing sentences, community service offers opportunities to gain experience in fields without having to commit to changing jobs or enrolling in a degree program. Many services are in constant need of volunteers to perform any number of duties, and will often take people with little-to-no experience just from the need of extra hands. But, what are ways that someone interested in a career change can position themselves to benefit from this?

Volunteer for Career Insight

Someone who is interested in veterinary medicine can offer to volunteer in for a vet, or at a kennel. Spending time behind the counter can help provide some insight into what the profession entails. Someone with a love of animals can use this as a gauge to see if a career with animals is a great match. It may also inspire someone to transition from treating animals to grooming them - another lucrative career path with animals.

Volunteer for Specific Skills

Someone looking for work in a general office setting will have better luck if they can say that they have experience working in an office. Shy of a college internship, that first desk job can be difficult to nab. By volunteering with an organization, doing basic tasks including placing calls becomes administrative duties...which counts on a resume.

Volunteering is good for the community, the soul, and the job hunt. In today’s job market, don’t let the idea of free work hold you back from a great career opportunity in disguise.