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Unlikely Ways to Make Money During a Pandemic

Career Falcon 23 April, 2020

Nothing feels normal right now, and for some, that can be a very negative thing. However, when nothing seems normal, it means there might be some cool, unconventional new ways to make money and help others. Here are a few ideas of socially responsible and helpful ways to make money during the pandemic. 

Making Face Masks

Face masks are in huge demand right now. Non-health care workers need masks but often feel guilty buying medical-grade supplies right now. The solution is homemade, non-medical grade masks. These are super easy to make and are low cost. Making these for friends, family, and others is a great way to bring in a little extra cash, while also helping your community conserve medical supplies but also stay protected. 

Offering Child Care to Essential Workers

 If you feel comfortable having others in your home right now, there is a huge need for child care for essential workers. With many daycares and schools closed. essential workers are scrambling to find safe child care options for children too young to stay home alone. Providing a safe place for these kids is a great way to help your local essential workers and make a little cash too. 

Running Errands for High-Risk Individuals 

Those who are at high risk of contracting COVID are trying very hard to stay home right now. These people, however, still have errands and shopping that needs to be done. Providing these services for your community can both help others and serve as an income stream during these economically hard times. Placing an ad in your local paper or a local Facebook page is a great way to let others know you are available for this service. 

Finding ways to provide essential services to your friends, family, and community is a wonderful, socially responsible way to make money during this pandemic.