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Traveling for Interviews

Career Falcon 23 September, 2019

Job interviews are already a stressful experience; however, when the interview entails traveling to a new city, this can heighten nerves that are already on edge. In order for this interview to go as well as possible, there are a few tips that everyone should follow.

Remember to Budget Accordingly

Try to find out who is paying for the interview costs beforehand. Many companies are willing to cover some, if not all, of the expenses. If this is unclear, don't be afraid to ask. This will help everyone budget for their trip. Don't forget to ask who is actually booking the trip, even if the company is willing to reimburse the expenses.

Stay Within Reason

If the company is covering all of the expenses, don't try to run up their tab. Try to find a reasonable flight with a reasonable hotel room. Do not rack up a bunch of room charges. It also might look good to ask the employer for some suggestions regarding hotels and airlines.

Don't Rely on a Mobile GPS

Allow extra time to arrive at the interview location. While using a mobile GPS is fine, always have a backup plan. Even old-school printer paper is appropriate. It never looks good to arrive late for an interview and this is always a risk in an unfamiliar city.

Wrinkle-Free Clothes

When traveling for an interview, there is always a risk that the interview attire might end up wrinkled. It can be helpful to invest in wrinkle-free clothes so that everyone looks their best on the day of the interview.

Explore the Town

Finally, make sure to explore the town as well. Become familiar with the location and see if this is a city that might be called "home" in the future. Of course, don't stay out too late the night before the interview.

Preparing for Travel Interviews

These are a few tips that should make traveling for job interviews a little less stressful. Of course, remember to do all of the usual interview prep as well such as rehearsing questions and researching the company. This will help everyone enjoy their experience in a new place!