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Preparing Your Home Office for Extended Use

Career Falcon 24 July, 2020

Many people, happy to have jobs that afforded them the ability to bring their work home when the pandemic struck were all too happy to set up temporary home offices. The expectation was that COVID-19 would blow over in a couple of months and life would return to normal.

Now that we are four months into the pandemic, things show no sign of slowing. In fact, they appear to be escalating with more people testing positive with every passing day. This has many companies extending temporary orders for employees to work from home and people working from home scrambling to maintain some semblance of normalcy. It also means that those temporary offices you hastily set up when pandemic struck need to evolve into something more long-term in nature. These steps will help.

Add ergonomics to your workspace.

This includes things like raising your monitor height, ordering a posture positive office chair, and investing in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Not only does an ergonomic workspace help with your comfort, but it can boost your productivity too.

Ensure privacy whenever possible.

While people working with small children at home have difficulty with this proposition, that doesn’t mean you can’t “fake it” by creating office barriers that allow you to watch over your children while providing a sensation of being separate – a work zone within your home, if you will.

Move your office away from the main living space.

The problem with setting up an office in the main living space of your home is that this is the space where everyone travels and congregates. Too many distractions can kill your productivity. It is in your best interest to have your office off the beaten path so you can work rather than focusing on the mess the kids are making, the volume of the television, and countless other distractions.

Creating a home office that works for you for the long-term is somewhat different from creating a temporary fix. Since there seems to be no end in sight to this pandemic, it’s time to make your home office better suited for extended use.