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Can You Really Start a Career With Six Months of Training?

Career Falcon 19 April, 2021

Our society and the educational system have pushed the idea of the four-year college degree to the point where many people are convinced that it is the only path to success. This has had a negative impact on our economy in that we are now facing workforce shortages in many well-paying manual labor jobs.

The truth is you really can start a good paying career with only six months of training. Keep reading to learn about a few careers you can start in as quickly as six months.

Big Truck Driver

Truck drivers serve a crucial part in our economy and supply chain. Learning how to drive and handle these vehicles is a marketable skill. The licensing for operating these types of vehicles goes by different names. In the US, a CDL license is required. This training often only takes about six months to complete.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is a highly profitable type of work which you can get started with in as little as six months. Real estate agents take online or in person classes to help them understand real estate laws in their region. Once you are a certified real estate agent, you can start working for an agency to gain crucial experience. Often real estate agents not only help clients find their dream homes, but they also use their skill in real estate to find great investment properties for their own wealth building goals.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning techs are a crucial part of the building infrastructure in any area. These professionals install and help to maintain heating and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial construction. You can become a certified HVAC tech in about six months. HVAC techs enjoy a good paying wage as well as opportunities to move into management or own their own company.

These are just three examples of good paying careers you can start with six months of training. Do your own research to find other great careers you can succeed at with quick start training.