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A Guide to the Best Jobs in Our National Parks

Career Falcon 9 May, 2023

Working in a national park is a dream job that many of us have always aspired to. Just imagine waking up every day to the sounds of nature and spending your days amongst our country's most beautiful landscapes. Luckily, these types of jobs are more accessible than you might think. From park rangers to tour guides, there are many exciting employment opportunities to consider. So, if you're yearning for a job that allows you to escape the daily grind, continue reading for a guide to the best jobs available in our national parks.

Park Ranger

A career as a park ranger is an excellent option for those passionate about conservation and environmentalism. Park rangers are responsible for a wide range of duties including maintaining trails, law enforcement, wildlife management, and visitor education programs. If you have a degree in the natural sciences or a related field, we recommend applying for the Park Ranger Academy, which prepares candidates for positions at the National Park Service.

Tour Guide

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge of history and nature with others, a job as a tour guide may be perfect for you. Tour guides lead visitors through national parks, providing educational and entertaining tours while ensuring safety for everyone. Consider becoming certified through the National Association for Interpretation to increase your chances of landing a job in this competitive field.

Resort Employee

Many national parks offer multiple lodging options for visitors. As a resort employee, you could work as a front desk agent, housekeeper, maintenance worker, or server. Although the job responsibilities may vary, they all allow you to live and work in some of the nation's most scenic areas. These positions can typically be found on the National Park Service job board or through the individual resort's website.

Park Photographer

Do you have a love for photography and a keen eye for capturing the beauty of nature? Consider a job as a park photographer! From taking photos for marketing materials to leading photography tours, National Parks Service photographers get to spend their days surrounded by some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.


If none of these jobs suit your qualifications or preferences, consider volunteering at a national park. Volunteers assist with a range of tasks such as trail maintenance, interpretive programs, and campground hosting. Although most volunteer positions are unpaid, you'll have a chance to gain valuable experience, meet like-minded individuals, and spend your free time exploring the park.

Although working for the National Park Service may seem daunting, there are a variety of career opportunities available, perfect for anyone interested in blending their passion for nature and their career. As you explore the different options, remember that experience, education, and certifications are key to landing a job in these competitive positions. By prioritizing what you're most interested in and pursuing the necessary qualifications, you could soon be on your way to living your professional dreams in some of the most stunning landscapes in the country.