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3 Unconventional Ways to Land Your Dream Job

Career Falcon 24 September, 2018

So, you have graduated from college and you probably have no idea on what you want to do. Entering the real world is not easy for everyone and there’s a need to devise ways to survive. Maybe you have taken any job that falls in your way only to realize after a while that it is not for you.

In this article, we look at some unconventional methods to help you land the job you’ve always dreamed of having.

Don’t Think Too Much About the Common Norm of Academic Qualifications and Work Experience

One of the biggest misconceptions in the working world is the notion that work experience may only be gotten via traditional ways. Lots of unemployed persons suffer from the myth of needing relevant experience to gain employment, but needing to gain employment so that they can gain the required experience.

Experience comes as a result of taking up a challenge, going through with it completely and gaining knowledge along the way. For instance, if your passion is marketing, you should consider creating a social media presence or having your own blog and grow from there.

Bottom line is to not wait for somebody to hire you so that you can get experience. You can get out there and come up with a reason for your dream employer to hire you.

Hopping from One Job to Another Can Be Advantageous

Job hopping can accelerate your career if you do it the correct way. Working at several places in a short span of time may help you: acquire exposure to multiple business models, to quickly develop your networks by forming relationships with many different people, create success stories in multiple environments, and accelerate your income.

Do Not Follow the Crowd, Be Unique

When a job is posted on Google, Amazon, or any other social media site, many people send their online applications, but unfortunately only a few people will get an interview invite.

The job market is highly competitive and your approach may prevent you from getting your dream job. Just because a job is advertised online doesn’t mean that you should follow the crowd and apply just online, you should also utilize referrals or word of mouth.


Negotiating your position in a company may also help you in landing your dream job. Unconventional ways such as those mentioned above are great if you want to finally land the job you have always wanted. Don’t be afraid to take a leap.