Career Advice

How To Nail Your Next Interview

Career Falcon June 24, 2019

Job interviews are one of the most important ways that you can position yourself so that you have the best chance to get that job you want. However, they can also prove to be one of the most challenging experiences that you will have in life. Here are some tips that will definitely help you nail your next interview.

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Advice for Liberal Arts Graduates

Career Falcon May 25, 2019

When I graduated from college (author), it was 1992, and I was an English major - a classic liberal arts degree. The heady, growth period of the 1980s was long gone. It was well-known the early 1990s recession period was going to happen, but for us college graduates at the time we were still under that old impression that if you went college you were guaranteed a job on graduation.

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Applying for a Job Within the Casino Industry

Career Falcon April 24, 2019

The casino industry literally revolves around money. More importantly, around taking people's money in exchange for making them think they might win a bunch in return. It's a very exciting industry because from time to time, some people do hit big jackpots. If you want to work in the casino industry, you'll have plenty of career paths to choose from.

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There are Right Jobs and Wrong Jobs for You

Career Falcon March 25, 2019

Sometimes, in the process of searching for our next job, it is that which is in plain sight that we first overlook. This is a subtle oversight that can sabotage our entire plan if we don't stay aware. When it comes to finding and winning that next great gig or career opportunity, we should probably make sure that first and foremost, it is a job that we actually want.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Career Falcon February 25, 2019

One of the most daunting aspects of any job search is crafting the perfect resume. We can’t tell you how to make the perfect resume, because there’s no such thing, but here are five ways you can improve your resume and make it stand out from the crowd.

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